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The Santo António Caves were found in 1955 and the Alvados Caves were found in 1964, but despite having been discovered so close to one another within the Aire and Candeeiros Mountains and integrating the Estremadura Limestone Massif, they are in fact quite different and have very specific characteristics which distinguish them, and for that reason, the public which visit them almost always chooses the special “joint visit” programme which encompasses both caves. In existence for over 50 000 years, the Santo António Caves stand out for their monumental great hall crossed by small waterways and natural lakes, totally filled with “stalactites” and “stalagmites”…, the Alvados Caves stand out for their continuous corridors which unexpectedly open out to small unlevelled halls and various natural lakes as well as their countless tunnels interrupted by deep “algares” characteristic of the region…, constituting both caves an extraordinary work of nature which invite us to embark on an adventure and into a natural imaginary ride whose differences both adults and children will try to discover.

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The Santo António Caves and the Alvados Caves benefit from the proximity to a circuit of vast touristic, historic and architectonic interest located in the West Region of central Portugal which within a 50 km radius we may visit the castles of Leiria, Óbidos, Porto de Mós, Santarém, Torres Novas, Almourol or Ourém…, enjoy the Tomar Convent and the Batalha and Alcobaça monasteries…, or still, visit the Fátima Sanctuary, a unequalled and unique place of religious cult in the European context. The choice of these two caves inserted in the Aire and Candeeiros Mountains Natural Park are a good reason for study or leisure visits and are above all a good touristic option, reason enough for having created special programmes with unique prices and conditions exclusive for groups, schools, companies, excursions or travel agents. Find out all the conditions, get to know both caves and help us to promote a different visit to their interior and an unforgettable experience…, contact us by telephone, fax or e-mail…, make your booking and enjoy the mountain scenery which surrounds the most beautiful Caves in Portugal.

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